There is a secret in our culture, and it’s not that birth
is painful. It’s that women are strong.
– Laura Stavoe Harm

Why would I choose a midwife?
For many reasons, what women have in common, is choosing the midwifery model of care. This choice includes being educated and making informed choices about your healthcare.

Why would I choose homebirth?
You should give birth where you feel safest, where you can be comfortable being who you need to be in labor. If your home is the place where you would like your baby to first experience our physical world. You can interview some homebirth midwives and find a good match. Families are blessed around here with many midwives.

Why would I choose Nichole as a Midwife?

Nichole’s style of midwifery care is profound, yet beautifully simple. She is a spirited and devoted birth worker, offering genuine and sound health care throughout the childbearing cycle. Her rich and resonant nature gave us the confidence that she could rightfully and respectfully protect our birthing space and evolution into family-hood. Somewhat cloaked in humility, Nichole’s practiced and intuitive gifts as a midwife will be an asset to each fortunate family she works with.

– Lo, midwife and mother of Z

How do you treat common pregnancy ailments?

The beauty of relationship building in midwifery care, is having a knowledge of what you may want to start with.  I have a eclectic knowledge in herbs, homeopathy, eastern medicine and  everyday wisdom our grandmothers grandmothers used.   When acupuncture, chiropractic care, massage or western medicine is the next step I will consult and/or refer as needed.

What about water birth?
Warm water in labor and birth can be a wonderful tool to use for women.  When we come to your home at around 36 weeks, we can decide if your bathroom tub is big enough or we’ll discuss the details of using my portable birth tub.  You will need to purchase a liner from me and get a brand new hose for the birth tub.

Will insurance cover a Homebirth Midwife?
If your policy has “out-of-network” coverage, then you likely be reimbursed for at least a portion of my fees, though you will need to plan financially for the possibility of not receiving reimbursement from your insurance provider.  My full fee is due by 34 weeks to assure ease around the birth.

What if I have a hesitant partner or family member(s)?
It happens.  Thru informed choices you to can come to a birth plan that works for you.  This study on Planned homebirth Outcomes with low risk mothers can be helpful for loved ones that would like to see the data.

Click here to download British Medical Journal’s CPM 2000 study.

These are several videos I recommend watching as a part of informing yourself with knowledge around homebirth

Business of Being Born
Homebirth Dads
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